Don’t Mind the Clock

All of us have had this dreadful experience.  It may have been awhile ago but believe me–we’ve all been there.

Lemme’ take you back to high school. 

You’re in a class that you don’t care for so you keep looking at the clock, hoping and wishing that time will fly by. 

But guess what?

It doesn’t.

Time seems to stand still and the dull, boring, “Why do I even need to learn this?” class drags on. 

You look at the clock again in what seems like 30 minutes, and only 3 minutes have passed. “This can’t be life”, you think to yourself.

Now what about the polar opposite? 

The class that you enjoy.  The class that is engaging and is basically the highlight of your entire curriculum.  As you sit down in your seat and begin soaking up knowledge, time is suddenly sped up the class flies by.

Now lets look at both classes.  Same school.  Same two hour block.  But one seems like it takes 4 hours and the other seems like it takes 30 minutes.

What’s the difference?

Your focus.

If you focus on the clock or time, things will always move slowly.  If you focus on the task at hand, time flies by.

Same goes for weight loss.  Stop setting deadlines and stepping on the scale daily and checking for weight loss results every  chance you get.  Fall in love with the challenge and watch the pounds melt away.

Dedicated to your fitness,