In business since 2012, Tailored Fitness is the premiere training facility for working-class Americans.


Our primary goal is to provide quality fitness services for those located in urban settings—predominantly Americans of Caribbean, Latino, and African-American backgrounds.


In a very short amount of time we have been able to cultivate a community of fitness, which wasn’t present before. As we continue to grow, our goal will always be to influence, educate and put in to practice all the tools necessary to help people adopt a positive lifestyle change for life.

Co-Founders Kamal Cudjoe & Craig Wilson




My name is Kamal Cudjoe and I’ve been a personal trainer since 2011.  I don’t believe in the traditional “drill sergeant” approach to motivating clients—yelling and scolding is not my thing.  I’ve adopted a quieter more humorous approach to motivation—one that I’d like to call “fitness sarcasm”!  I bring energy, innovation and enthusiasm to every session whether you’re trying out your first class or have been with me for years.  I’ve personally worked with over 1000 different and unique people and look forward to working with you!



I have always devoted my life to perseverance. As a lifelong athlete, I have experience of all things fitness. I know what it is like to get discouraged because you think you are unable to do an exercise or complete a fitness goal. Since I know this feeling, I know what it takes to get over that hump. My training techniques are tailored to your personal goals and I believe in training your mind as well as body. Join the team, and as I like to say “Let’s Get Fired Up!”